Magical (2010)

Choreographer Anne Juren and director Annie Dorsen collaborate on Magical, a solo dance piece performed by Juren, which uses the canon of feminist performance art and the rituals of a magic show to play with illusion, trickery and transformation. The simultaneity of magic, choreography and performance leads to surprising turns: all deploy the power of metamorphosis, of the body, of the magic object, of the audience’s vision. These transformations affect the spectators and arouse in them the desire to see through the events on the stage. In the process they themselves become the object of a manipulation. Juren devotes herself to the efficacy and secrets of the female body, in an enchantingly spectacular way.

Realisation: Annie Dorsen & Anne Juren

Performance, Magic & Choreography: Anne Juren 

Magician: Steve Cuiffo

Music Concept: Christophe Demarthe

Setdesign and Magic Aid: Roland Rauschmeier

Setassistant: Sebastian Bauer

Lights: Pocheron mit Ruth Waldeyer

Photo: Simonas Svitra

Costume: Miriam Draxl

Costumeassistant: Ruth Ranacher

Production: WTKB

Co-Production: ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

Supports by: Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, bmukk