A? (2003)

The first question you can ask yourself when you see dance is this: What did one actually perceive? The answer is as complex as the question is simple. It is not that easy to answer, because the question itself is semantic and the dance ephemeral. Nevertheless, dance is a language that articulates itself through differentiation and interpretation and develops a network of conventions that make it recognizable and negotiable.

As a starting point for this work, Anne Juren presented an initial choreography to invited guests and then distributed a questionnaire for the audience to fill out. From the answers given, she developed the present choreography called A? a choreographic reinterpretation of the answers given. For Juren, a dance performance is the presentation of a body performing certain movements in front of an audience in a specific context. In A?, this assumption is staged through various choreographic strategies: The reduction of movement material, frontality, gaze and spatial positioning.

This approach makes subtle differences visible that might often be overlooked, thus serving as a tool for a finer reading of choreographic complexity.

Concept & Dance: Anne Juren

Video & Set: Roland Rauschmeier

Artistic assistance: Alice Chauchat

Technic: Barbara Wimmer

Production: WTKB

Thanks to: Institut français de Vienne