Maria Theresia entdeckt die zeitgenössische Kunst (2010)

A group of Viennese based artists thought that it was ridiculous that Marie Therese sit with her back to the museumquartier, so only facing the Hofburg, she missed the latest developments in the visual and performing arts. To change this blank spot in her imperial mind, they will bring her spirit from the statue right through the city in a procession-like parade to the brut theatre, where in the evening she will learn about the dilemma’s modern life in a contemporary miracle play, given by a range of different Viennese citizens, artist , would be artists and other visionairy persons. Together we created: Maria Theresia entdeckt die zeitgenössische Kunst (Maria Theresa discovers contemporary art)

Concept: Robert Steijn, Frans Poelstra, Roland Rauschmeier

Set: Roland Rauschmeier

Costumes: Niina Lehtonen-Braun

Production: Artificial Horizon, WTKB, Theater im Bahnhof

Supported by: Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport

Participants: Anne Juren, Ed Hauswirth, Pieter Ampe, Niina Lehtonen – Braun, Effi Hofer, Juliette Eröd, Nicole Schuchardt, Verena Saischek, Bettina Hein, Didi Resch, Gabriele Wappel, Janina Sollmann, Jolanta Warpechowski, Lukas Dittami,Ulu Braun, Marie-Therese Amtmann, Marlene Besl, Silvia Schantl, Sonja Schmidlehner, Julia Pollak, Stefan Lirsch, Eun Kyung Lee, Veronika Meyerböck, Radek Hewelt, Nikola Neubauer, Erik Leidal, André Agterof, Christian Stoppacher, Christoph Bruckner, Georg Blaschke, Markus Ohler, Milan, Stella,Theo, Robin, Ella, Klara, Lotte, Emilia, Helena, David, Lovis, Josefine, Helena, David, Julius, Ariane, Louise, Julia, Nikolas, Jakob, Marlene, Paul