Can Must Know (2019)

In the performative intervention Können Müssen Wissen – Can Must Know, fundamental parameters of artistic practice in general, and of performance art in particular, are formulated and subjected to critical questioning. Art as a thing, as a biographical encounter and the site of a shared, physical experience is at the centre of this confrontation, which is sparked by the display of representative mechanics of the art apparatus and invites direct contact with it itself.

Concept & Presentation: Roland Rauschmeier

Performance: Alexander Bailey, Frans Poelstra, Elizabeth Ward, Roland Rauschmeier

Costume: Lise Lendais

Drums: Christian Glöckler

Assistenz: Muntazir Abbas

Photo: Pasi Mäkelä

Music: Christophe Demarthes

Production: WTKB

Co-Production: Tanzquartier Wien

Supported by: Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs Vienna