42 (2019)

To date, no one really knows what information, what knowledge a body stores in the course of its development. So how can we think of this body – the whole body, not just the brain – as an „archive“? Last summer Anne Juren, explored tongues, speech and sexual organs in her series Private Anatomy Lessons at ImPulsTanz. This was followed before Christmas by the premiere of a piece entitled 41, in which she explored the body’s relationship to its representation. Now Juren is going a step further and experimenting with an approach to relationship as such: As her „poetics of relation“ (an expression of the Caribbean-French philosopher Édouard Glissant) become movement, it turns out for the artist: „My body doesn’t have the same ideas as I do.“

Concept, Text & Choreography: Anne Juren
Performance: Anne Juren, Linda Samaraweerová
Light: Bruno Pocheron
Composition / Sound: Simon Kierner, Paul Kotal
Costume: Alex Bailey
Photo: Karolina Miernik
Procuction: WTKB
Co-Production: ImPulsTanz Festival
Supported by: Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna