Consumption As A Cause Of Coming Into Being (2017)

The title Consumption As A Cause Of Coming Into Being is a reference to an essay entitled Destruction as the Cause of Coming into Being published in 1912 by Sabina Naftulowna Spielrein. In her essay, Spielrein, one of the first female psychoanalysts, describes the death wish as an integral part of the libido, while the libido, as she states, is a type of energy that subconsciously affects our every-day routines. In 2001, such routines were blasted by an act of cannibalism when in Rotenburg, Germany, the passions of two people resulted in irreversible consequences. The alluring promise to make sexual fantasies come true lead to an implosion of moral and ethical standards. Inspired by this borderline experience, Rauschmeier and Bailey search for an alternative, critical paradigm to re-direct the libidinous energy of this gruesome event into an artistic context with the aim to make a contribution to feminist discourse.

Performance: Alex Bailey, Roland Rauschmeier

Set, costume design, props: Alex Bailey, Roland Rauschmeier

Sound: Pasi Antero Mäkelä

Dramaturgical consultation: Camille Chanel, Richard John Jones

Management: Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl

Technic: Andreas Lendais

Production: WTKB

Co-production: brut

Supported by: Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs

Thanks: Elizabeth Ward, Krõõt Juurak, Anne Juren, Karin Seidel, Gerhard and Regina Schiefer, Phillip Schweiger, Christian Stoppacher, Lise Lendais, Susanne Bytyqi-Lawson, Matthias Berkemeyer, Viktor Schlosser, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kalleinen-Kochta, Christoph Bruckner, Fouad Asfour, Manfred Unger