About Us

Anne Juren born 1978 in Grenoble/France is a choreographer, dancer, art researcher and Feldenkrais practitioner. She lives and works in Vienna. Juren’s choreographic pieces and artistic works are shown worldwide in theatres, festivals, museums, and art venues. She organised different laboratories and symposiums for dance and choreography. Since 2013, Anne Juren has been a Feldenkrais® practitioner. Between 2014 and 2018, she was a member of the Artistic Committee of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. She currently finished her PhD at the Stockholm University of the Arts under the supervision of André Lepecki and Sandra Noeth. Check her doctoral thesis here.

Born in Augsburg in 1974, Roland Rauschmeier, studied philosophy in Munich, Berlin and Vienna. He attended Renée Green’s conceptual art class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and graduated in 2004. His artistic practice can be classified as part of the Post-Internet art movement, which deals with the effects, aesthetics and socio-cultural implications of the Internet. Rauschmeier’s formal works range from performance, sculpture, painting to digital media. He collaborates with German filmmaker and video artist Ulu Braun under the pseudonym BitteBitteJaJa.