Lost & Found (2012)

In this show Anne Juren embarks on a journey through her memories: past and forgotten things will be activated – from the first children’s dances via her dance training up to current choreographic works, memories combine with newly invented ones, her own with contemporary aspects. The stage fills with memories, images and texts through which Juren meanders in order to overwrite her own memories with the new choreography, step by step.

Concept: Anne Juren

Stage & Video: Roland Rauschmeier

Performance: AnneJuren, Nancy Banfi, David Subal

Dramaturgy: Silke Bake

Light Design: Bruno Pocheron

Costume: Lise Lendais

Music: People Like Us

Sound: Christophe Demarthe

Production Management: Angela Bedekovic

Photography: Angela Bedekovic, Gregor Tietze

Research: Ruth Ranacher

Assistance: Zane Estere Gruntmane

Production: WTKB

Co-Production: brut Koproduktionshaus

Supproted by: Cultural Department of the city of Vienna

Thanks to: Art Stations Foundation Poznan for an artists’ residency in the frame work of the modul-dance European project.