Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies (2021)

Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies is an ongoing transdisciplinary artistic research, which encompasses the spectrum of experiences and practices that I have developed as a choreographer, dancer and Feldenkrais practitioner. By drawing on various fields of knowledge – anatomy, psychoanalysis, feminist and queer theories, poetry and somatic practices – the artworks related to this research expands choreography towards disparate discourses, practices and treatments of the body.

At the intersection of the therapeutic and the choreographic, the somatic and the poetic, I have developed several body-orientated practices based on Feldenkrais’ speculative use of language, imagination and touch. Revisiting and subverting Feldenkrais’ private session Functional Integration® and group class Awareness Through Movement®, I developed both Fantasmical Anatomies one-on-one sessions and performances for larger public settings: Fantasmical Anatomies sessions and lessons.

In the last years, the Fantasmical Anatomies choreographic lessons and sessions have been presented many times in different artistic and/or therapeutic contexts, in several art venues and public spaces. They have been shared with a large public expanding spectatorship and questioning the limits between the private and public, the collective and the collective.

I defended my artistic research project „Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies“ on 26 November 2021, within the PhD programme Performative and Media-Based Practices. The documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) can be found in the Research Catalogue and DIVA.

The public defence took place at Stockholm University of the Arts, Brinellvägen 58 on 26 November 2021 at 14:00–18:00. The public defence was live-streamed on SKH’s website.

Victoria Pérez Royo

Examination committee:
Noémie Solomon
Robert Sholl
Paula Caspão
John-Paul Zaccarini (deputy member)

André Lepecki (principal supervisor)
Sandra Noeth
Cecilia Roos