41 (2018)

The formal and content analysis of the relationship between movement and language is at the heart of Anne Juren’s artistic practice. Juren’s choreographies take the form of experimental sessions with guests. The spoken word generates a creative space that transfers the choreography directly into the bodies and the imagination of the spectators.

In this piece, Anne Juren focuses on dysfunctional relationships, absurd phantasms and unimaginable acts, and translates them into movement. The work explores both the relationship between the body and its representation and the “poetics of relationship” – a term coined by literary theorist Edouard Glissant, which describes a mode of thought and action based on the imaginary. In the process, Juren attempts to broaden the concept of choreography. The theatre itself as a place of representation is conceptualised as a space of poetic relationship between performers, dancers and the audience, as an imaginary platform where the body and the mind, the real and the invisible, the private and the public come together and jointly create a phantasmagorical anatomy.

Concept, Text & Choreography: Anne Juren 

Performing Models: Linda Samaraweerová, Eva Mayer 

Light: Bruno Pocheron 

Sound: Paul Kotal

Stage: Alina Amman, Roland Rauschmeier

Production: Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl

Outside Eye: Philipp Gehmacher

Photo: Elodie Grethen

Procuction: WTKB

Co-Production: Tanzquartier Wien

Supported by: Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria