Mash Up (2014)

This group show of various performances transfers the principles of ready-mades and objet trouvé developed in the visual arts, into the live arts. In this case, the „found objects“ are existing choreographic works that are interlinked with one another temporally and spatially in a single, new piece. In collaboration with Roland Rauschmeier Milli Bitterli, Philipp Gehmacher, Anne Juren and Paul Wenninger have each chosen one of their earlier works for the overall concept: Mash Up starts with the longest work, and the other three are following.

Concept: Roland Rauschmeier

Performer: Milli Bitterli, Philipp Gehmacher, Anne Juren, Paul Wenninger

Light: Bruno Pocheron

Artistic Management: Silke Bake

Assistance: Sarah Hendrysiak

Production: WTKB

Production Management: Pia Kirchler

Choreographies: Milli Bitterli Was bleibt (2004 – …), Phillipp Gehmacher Incubator (2004/2006), Anne Juren Code Series (2005), Paul Wenninger Imbue (2007)

Supported by: Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, bmukk