Tableaux Vivants (2011)

In Tableaux Vivants the art forms interweave and allow hybrid relations to develop between the paintings, sculptures and videos of Roland Rauschmeier and the bodies of the performers choreographed by Anne Juren. When performance art and fine art meet one another in their formal languages, their visual logic and their history, mutually influence one another, fascinate, infect […]

Magical (2010)

Choreographer Anne Juren and director Annie Dorsen collaborate on Magical, a solo dance piece performed by Juren, which uses the canon of feminist performance art and the rituals of a magic show to play with illusion, trickery and transformation. The simultaneity of magic, choreography and performance leads to surprising turns: all deploy the power of metamorphosis, […]

Look Look (2007)

This duo is a choreographic transcription of the creative process at play in the world of fashion. Devised in the manner of a fashion show, the starting point for the work was the desire to to show the techniques of the designer Eva Blut, as well as the catwalk attitude differences when the clothes are […]

Komposition (2006)

Komposition is a choreographic work that provides subtle insights into the cooperation of the dancers Marianne Baillot, Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren and Agata Maszkiewicz. In according to the title, this piece is a putting together – more accurately a „dancing together“ – by four women. It provides an independent perspective of how a group of dancers […]

Code Series (2005)

Code Series addresses aspects of different modalities in the production of movement, i.e. time and space, the opposition of up and down, of floating and gravitation, continuity and discontinuity. While staging a performance these possibilities are not available, every performance is subject to a strict setting. The piece is using these viable, preconceived possibilities by performing […]

J’aime (2004)

J’aime explores the joy inherent in dancing, being observed while dancing, and observing dance. This high-energy dance performance to techno music by DJ Assault of Detroit, creates an experience of shared sensuality. Juren and Chauchat move easily and precisely, transforming boisterous dance into a choreography governed by passionate discipline. Their performance not only results in a […]

if then (2003)

In cooperation with the French dancer and choreographer Sebastien Cormier, Anne Juren developed a dance etude that humorously explores the idea of the duo. The assumption anchored in it, the free decision to work together, is juxtaposed with a limited amount of space. On this island of infinite freedom of movement, the actors stand on […]

A? (2003)

The first question you can ask yourself when you see dance is this: What did one actually perceive? The answer is as complex as the question is simple. It is not that easy to answer, because the question itself is semantic and the dance ephemeral. Nevertheless, dance is a language that articulates itself through differentiation […]

Oslo (2001)

The Solo Oslo is in itself a choreographic anagram and the first collaboration between Juren and Rauschmeier. In this work, the concept of „negative space“ used by the British sculptor Rachel Whiteread was transposed into a performative work. The performance negated the fourth wall of the theatre and bundled different concepts of time and space, laying the […]