Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies (2021)

Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies is an ongoing transdisciplinary artistic research, which encompasses the spectrum of experiences and practices that I have developed as a choreographer, dancer and Feldenkrais practitioner. By drawing on various fields of knowledge – anatomy, psychoanalysis, feminist and queer theories, poetry and somatic practices – the artworks related to this research expands choreography towards […]

Deadpan Dynamites (2017)

On stage two gentlemen, not too young and not too skinny. Their attempt to present the audience with gags originally performed by young, trained comedians is hindered by their age and physique and also their lack of technical skills in slapstick comedy. The conflict between the physical existence of the two players and the task […]

Wet Dreams Of A Brain Testicle (2015)

The performance Wet Dreams of a Brain Testicle, based on Pasi Mäkelä’s dream diaries, places the significance of consciousness and the scope of dreams at the centre of its action. Supplemented by texts by Roland Rauschmeier, it penetrates the spheres of experimental, artistic occultism and questions the common ideas about our apparent reality. Here, above all, […]

Culture De La Danse – Crise De La Forme (2015)

The artist´s book Culture de la Danse – Crise de la Forme deals with the individuation of an artistic subject, the resulting friction with society and the perception of the artwork in relation to the audience. The book is an attempt, to create a performative form of literature which is accessible and tangible. The entanglement and crossing of artistic genres and […]

Maria Theresia entdeckt die zeitgenössische Kunst (2010)

A group of Viennese based artists thought that it was ridiculous that Marie Therese sit with her back to the museumquartier, so only facing the Hofburg, she missed the latest developments in the visual and performing arts. To change this blank spot in her imperial mind, they will bring her spirit from the statue right […]