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Premiere on the 28th of July 2017

London, on October 21st, 4pm and 6: 15 pm @ The Place London
Brussels, on November 17th, 9pm and November 18th at 7 pm @ KAII Theater Brussels

In her Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies, Anne Juren attempts to expand the imagination of the body and its boundaries by proposing a textual landscape in which the choreography is placed inside the body of the spectator. The performance distorted the membranes of the spectator in order to travel the inner and unknown parts of its body. Doing this, it imposes an unreading of what a body is and where its borders are and disrupts the logic of anatomy by creating unexpected relations. During this trip inside its own body, the spectator is engaged in different states of kinaesthetic, sensorial, mental and cosmic cannibalistic experiences. A landscape of phantasmagoric and delirious spaces is opened, where dysfunctional relations and unimaginable actions can take place, troubling the relations between inner and outer sensations. In writing this piece Juren worked visual impaired and blind people conducting interviews and collecting responses on physical impressions, kinesthetic reactions and visual images. These texts contribute to the inner landscape which is traversed during Juren?s performance proposing disorientation as an experimental way to reestablish unsuspected and improbable relations between body and mind, imagination and sensation, experience and language, action and non-action.

For Anatomie, Anne Juren invited visual artist Vladimir Miller to create a fragmented landscape of architectural objects, a shifting space space which can be entered as strange body.

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Choreographer and performer: Anne Juren
Artistic Collaboration: Vladimir Miller
Sound Engineer: Paul Kotal
Dramaturgy: Camille Chanel
Operations Manager: Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl

A production by
Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung and

Supported by the cultural department MA7 by the city of vienna
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
LONDON event supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum and BMEIA