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Premiere on the 23rd of March 2018

The work is freely based on the legendary comic book character Phantom, created by American writer, theatre director and producer Lee Falk in the 1930s. Sabotanic Garden creates its own adaptation of Phantom combining improvised music, physical performance and film material into a mesmerizing endeavour strafing from free jazz to horror, slapstick to occultism and failure to folklore.

FANTOM is a bizarre homage to super heroes. The main character appears and disappears through seemingly disconnected dreamlike episodes. The struggle of orientation, the urge for human attention and the misfits of daily life are not unknown to our hero making his path through time and space and so on and so forth and back again. The public will encounter the evil tent, skiing in the jungle and fights with a female wrestler. No animal will be harmed during the performance.

Additionally an experimental FANTOM film was produced between 2014-17 in collaboration with Czech-Danish film avant-gardist Martin Klapper, which is partly used during the show.

Join our secret society gathering. Shadows of dark depths are awakening!

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Sabotanic Garden

Pasi Mäkelä (FIN), Jussi Saivo (FIN), Simo Laihonen (FIN), Petra Lustigová (CZ), Niina Lehtonen-Braun (FIN/GER), Cristina Maldonado (MEX) and Roland Rauschmeier (AUT/GER)

A production by
Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung and
WUK performing arts.

Supported by the cultural department MA7 by the city of Vienna