Culture de la danse / Crise de la forme

Culture de la danse / Crise de la forme

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By Roland Rauschmeier

The artist´s book Culture de la Danse – Crise de la Forme deals with the individuation of an artistic subject, the resulting friction with society and the perception of the artwork in relation to the audience. The book is an attempt, to create a performative form of literature which is accessible and tangible. The entanglement and crossing of artistic genres and concepts is a leitmotif of the publication.The evening is celebrating the publication of this text embedded in a concert, performative interventions and concert
setup. with Alexander Bailey, Krõõt Jurrak, Anne Juren, Frans Poelstra, Roland Rauschmeier, Elizabeth Ward

Technical Management:
Andreas Lendais

Lise Lendais

A production by
Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung and
WUK performing arts

Supported by the cultural department MA7
by the city of vienna

Friday, 20th of February 2015, 8 pm
WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna

Special appearances by
Sabotanic Garden and The Spermbankers

The Spermbankers
Exploding garage gospel! Old negro-spirituals and country church favourites get a rough electric treatment from Prague based trio. Martin Ruzicka baritone guitar, Bert Neven drums and Pasi Mäkelä vocals and guitar.

Sabotanic Garden
Brutal sounds and harsh movements from Finland! Sabotanic Garden is uncompromising
international performance and music group. Neo folkloristic and ritualistic influences crashes with twisted humor and free space orientated physical approach. Sabotanic Garden was established in 2006 by performance & conceptual artist Pasi Mäkelä and sound designer Jussi Saivo. In Vuk SG operates with their
long time colleague percussion player Janne Tuomi.